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Trade and Buy **Faulty 2014 Focus** Help!

I purchased a new 2014 Ford Focus. Since then, the transmission has had issues after multiple repairs. Clutch repairs as well as a full transmission replacement. Lots of lost time and energy.

The car just started shuttering…again!
I contacted the Ford dealership where I purchased the car. I have some equity at this time. He said they have worked on resolving this issue with about 22 customers…getting them a “oops we are sorry” trade-in option. Not sure how much yet.

Now - I feel stupid for buying this car in the first place. I hear a lot of great and a lot of terrible reviews of Fords. My co-worker has a Subaru and swears by Subaru. Many others I know feel the same. I know there are lots of opinions out there…but I don’t want another crappy car.

Would I be getting the best value by taking whatever option Ford will offer me and purchasing another Ford? Would you recommend accepting the trade and buying new/barely used or switching brand altogether? What about a Lemon Law?

How would a trade in work if I decided to NOT to purchase through Ford again? Can I sell it back, receive money and walk away to another dealership?

Sorry if that makes no sense. All of the help is wanted on this one! Even if not all of my questions make sense. I don’t want to be screwed over.

Thank you,

If Ford is willing to make it right by giving you a great deal on a new car such that you don’t add to your debt (i.e. give you trade value equal to your loan) AND give you a decent deal on a new one, I’d be inclined to take that option. Note my screen name - I LIKE Fords sooo take it with a grain of salt) This car has obviously been fixed under warranty to this point and I’d guess you don’t want to risk this stuff happening AFTER the warranty period, right?

Ford’s deal should be a better deal than you’d get trading the car at another brand. If it is NOT better, there is NO reason not to walk away to another brand. You can confirm the trad-in value of your car by looking at or That’s what you should expect at a Subaru or Kia, Hyundai or Chevy dealer. Let that help your decision.

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Hey there- thank you so much for your suggestions. Very appreciated. I’ll see what they come up with. I like supporting an American business so hoping it’s fair.

Well Subaru, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota and Honda all build lots of cars right here in the USA if that makes you decision any easier. :grinning:

And the Focus is made in a number of countries, including Vietnam and Portugal. But the only American plant that makes it is shutting down production this year to move Focus production to Mexico.

The trouble you’re having is that the warranty work isn’t actually providing a fix. They’re replacing the defective parts with the same defective parts, which means it’s inevitable that it will happen again.

Lots of people have made successful lemon law claims, and I suspect you’re in line for one yourself if you choose to go that route, so the deal the dealership makes you had best make you very happy. And don’t get another Focus because the current cars are having the same problems yours is.

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Good to know. I’m not currently well informed. How do I pursue filing a Lemon Law? Will I have to go to court multiple times? I worry it’ll get too complicated

Depends on your state. Most attorneys general have the information on their websites.

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Good luck on that pursuit. Vehicles are an international operation with global suppliers so just purchase what you want or meets your needs.

You bought a new 2014 and they are still working on it under warranty in 2017? Just google the lemon law for your state and it will have the specific requirements and how to proceed from your state government. I would guess to take whatever Ford will provide and then trade for something else again if you are not happy. They aren’t going to make a deal for a GM though so it will be Ford.


Good point - can always trade again

Seems that way now that I looked into it a bit

Yeah - that appears to be the case with a little digging. I’m pretty uninformed.

my first car in US was new 2001 Focus and in 2 years before I sold it, it was sitting at dealer’s repair station for a week every other month :frowning:

good for me, my employer’ HR suggested me to make sure to buy a “rental option”, so it was all covered and I was driving relatively fresh loaners all the time

since it was not stopping for 2 years straight, I’d kind of seen a writing on the wall that I better move on before base warranty lapses

I wonder… why I never had any Ford after that ? :slight_smile:

I would love to know the details behind the manual transmission and clutch problems along with the new “stuttering” complaint. Does stuttering mean shuddering upon takeoff or stuttering after you start rolling?

I realize you may not like to hear what I have to say but the possibility exists that these problems could be generated by the driver.

I’m also fully aware that everyone who drives a manual transmission believes any problem is not caused by them.

I apologize sincerely up front if you think I’m being harsh on you but repeated manual transmission and clutch issues are seldom the fault of the car. That’s why I would love to know the details so I can say whether or not I’m dead wrong.

As for a Lemon Law, you may as well forget that. You’re generally limited to a year from date of sale.

As for Subarus, for every person who swears by them there is someone else cursing theirs. And I’m not knocking Subarus; I’ve owned 3 and like them.

No worries about being harsh. Always open to opinions.

Ford confirmed that this issue isn’t on the driver…there were so many vehicles with this issue. I have the paperwork downstairs but they replaced the clutch 3 times and gave me a fully new transmission eventually. Now it’s shuddering again. Apparently especially in the 2014 Focus they put in a new transmission to be more “eco friendly” and has caused shuddering and grinding. I can hear intense shifting sometimes when at low speed with windows open.

I’m really careful to fully stop before switching D/R. Not sure if that helps… The issue started at about 200 miles. Shuddering even when stopped completely/idling. Happens especially when stopped at a light and gently accelerating. Mostly recognizable at lower speeds but constant low shuddering.

My first car was a Pontiac over 10 years old and other than routine maintenance I had no issues…just traded in when I bought this one.

I’ll see what they offer- may try to trade in and get out of the brand if able

Is this a manual transmission or automatic ? I think we all have been talking about manual problems but your D/R means to me drive / reverse as in automatic.

Yes- automatic! Still the transmission is AWFUL. I could drive manual better ha!

These dual clutch automatic transmissions are problematic, especially for those who demand smooth, quiet operation.

I would settle for my passenger not wondering why my car randomly jerks. After it’s fixed I’ve always felt much less embarrassed…until it happens again