2012 Ford Focus - I should have known better

Shudder problem the car came out of lease I purchased the car not knowing the issues with the transmmission, car had another safety recall and I took it in to get it done at the same time I asked the dealer to reprogram the tcu the service advisor said it was not possible even know most of the articles I have read says its the first resource to diagnose a leaking seal also the factory did issued a field service action FSA 14m01 and 14m02 for my car when I took it to the dealer and they performed a shudder test they charged me 125.00 to tell me they could not do anything the clutch needs to be replaced it failed at 4800 rpm.
as former Deere Master tech I should known better now I’m stuck wit a lemon the problem is that the dealer knowingly misinformed me ford knows about the problem and still sold the car back to the public

Keep after them sounds like they should be covering your car. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/ford-extends-warranties-of-560000-cars-over-transmission-problems-2019-08-14