2014 Ford Focus - A long transmission service overview mostly saying no paperwork

Anyone do this mess and keep fighting the thing?
26,000 miles trans shudders shifts erratic,
next 5 times in the shop they “reflash” NO CHARGE, NO PAPERWORK.
60,000 just living with it. driving 1400 miles a week to and from worksites.
86,000, reflash adjust? NO PAPERWORK.
shifts hard first to second, does OKAY(?) after first shift
110,000 quits going down the interstate at 65 mph, brake failure, steering failure, traction failure every fault light on the dash is lit. Rolls to a stop at the bottom of the shoulder because it is early morning traffic. IT will not even turnover because trans indicator shows selector is not in park and will not change as you move the lever.
Rock it bang the shifter up and back take of the negative battery cable for 10 minutes It starts and runs drives with one of these every once in a while but the shop says "we can’t fix it if it is not doing it right now!!! No Paperwork No Charge.
148,000 shop says new clutch wait for parts 151,000 new clutch and module okay for 6 months.Quits on 2 lane highway same thing again, starts and runs but does it weekly, 160,000 just quits and has to be trailered to the shop, "Needs new module will be about $900 and year wait on parts. clean every contact new battery and IT STARTS runs a while and quits driving on back road quits for good IT SITS, part in,166,000 replaced and works for 28 days.
drive like popping clutch and shuddering. 168 in the shop for 3 months went to get it thre times never made it out of the block.

If I am like most of you nobody ever asked me or told me about a recall, classaction suit or anything but to pay through the nose to fix thes things.

ANYONE Know any REAL lawyers who want to really do a suit,or any real criminal investigators and judges who really want to try a criminal case of fraud.

There are none anymore, they get big money the peepons get a dime.

I would have called it quits 100,000 miles ago.

A lawyer is going to cost more than the car is worth and likely not going to win.


Its a 9 year old car with over 150,000 miles. Who do you think has defrauded you? Just go buy another used car past its prime.


you can google “2014 Ford Focus Class action Lawsuit” and see if anything pops up.

or you can google “2014 Ford Focus recall” and see if anything pops up. Have your VIN ready.

but you have so far gotten 168,000 miles out of this car and transmission. I’d call that pretty decent. Not sure you’ll get much attention from a lawyer at this point. Probably should have started that discussion at about 26,000 miles when the car was presumably still under warranty.

Tag it, bag it and sell it to the scrapyard.

Ford doesn’t sell the Focus in the US anymore nor this transmission.

Time for a new brand.

Hire a lawyer that specializes in suing carmakers but don’t be surprised if you can’t find one willing to take your case.

As far as fraud… exactly what do you think is illegal? Ford did not do a good job with this transmission. Incompetence isn’t fraud.


Other than joining up if someone is organizing a class action, I doubt there’s much you can do that would be worth your time. As posted above, your best bet is to consider this a learning experience, e.g. . maybe you can save yourself this sort of future grief if your next car is equipped w/ a manual transmission. For information purposes, you could try Googling these Ford bulletins, or ask for a copy at the dealership: 15B22S2, 14M02, 15B22, 19N07, 14M01

Yeah I seem to recall Ford had a really bad run of (CVT?) transmissions about 10 years ago. This may be one of them.

Time to put this one out to pasture.

Probably a dual-clutch design rather than CVT.


What kind of fuel economy are you getting with that Focus? I assume it has the dual clutch transmission. You may have saved thousands of dollars already. Does it get over 35 MPG?

I make no claims on the validity of the link below, but it is interesting.

And so is this one, about a past California class action suite:

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I say lick your wounds and move on…

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I deleted this

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You got 150,000 miles on a POS Ford Focus? Jeeees, I’d say you did pretty well for a car that is known as one of the least reliable cars of the last 25 years.

Now if you’d bought a brand new 2003 Toyota 4Runner and it went thru two transmissions, two catalytic converters and two ECUs, like mine did in less than 30,000 miles, that would be another thing. Although it never cost me anything but time and hassle, I had lost confidence in the car and we needed to travel cross country. I traded it for a 2005 Dodge Durango, supposedly a less reliable car, which lasted for over 200,000 miles and 12 years. I bought the 4Runner for $30,000, and traded it 2 years later for $23,000… but life goes on.

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This is indeed Ford’s first attempt at a dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT), and it wasn’t good. A colleague of mine has a 2012 (the first year of this generation) with 280,000 miles on it, but it’s never had a transmission last over 80k. (It’s needing replacement for a 4th time and he’s finally considering giving up on it. Unfortunately I think that’s the solution here too.)


Transmission problem? No surprise:

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Even on my diesel olds, the class action reimbursement ended at 100,000 miles when I was already at 200,000 miles. I noticed my Brother in Law’s maverick hybrid is 8 years or 100,000 power train, so 100,000 is pretty much the rule for end of useful life or manufacturer responsibility.

Bill Maverick’s Little Red Wagon, no powertrain warranty;


hmmm … Sort of makes a person wonder why your colleague didn’t ask for a manual trans replacement after the second DCT failed. Or is that a nearly impossible transformation, unobtainium, b/c of shifting linkage incompatibilities and computer configuration.

Another ponder, I wonder what Ford did for 2011 model year that was different fro the 2012? Problems seem to be much lower.

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Yeah, a dealer’s not going to get into that.

Interesting question, and one I hadn’t thought of, though I imagine it isn’t that simple. I do know he and his wife drive stick since they also have a manual Wrangler and Fiesta ST.

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