Bad Transmission 2007 Ford Focus

my 2007 Ford Focus Saloon with automatic transmission and 300,353 km has a bad transmission would it be cheaper to replace the transmission or buy a new car i have £2035 in the bank account so i need to know how much in £ a transmission would cost either new or from a junk Ford Focus Also what years would a transmission fit the Ford Focus 2007 or is the transmission only for the 2007 model and not any other model

Most of the posters here are US based . You will only get good enough info by calling your local transmission shops . As for used from a salvage yard they will know what fits .

If this is the twin disk automatic, this gearbox was bad from day one. As advised, you should shop around and get a reliable figure.

Personally, a Focus with that many kms on it and a bad transmission would be ready for the scrapyard here.

In North America this vehicle was subject to a historic record number of recalls as Ford put a half finished products on the market.

For a 2007, you should be able to find a good used transmission from a wrecked car at the local auto recyclers. Check with one or two of those places to see what they have available and how much it would cost. Those places deal with parts interchangeability questions all the time, so they are the go-to source for that info. A used transmission will cost less than buying another car most likely. That’s probably what I’d do in that situation. There have been quite a few complaints posted here about the Focus transmissions. You might try the forum search feature, see what you can discover. I don’t see any recalls or customer interest bulletins on the a/t for 2007, which seems a good sign that a used replacement transmission will still have a lot of life in it. Just curious, what happened to the original transmission? How do you know it can’t be economically repaired?

I see 2 recalls for the 2007 Ford Focus, perhaps you have confused this with another vehicle. For example the 2007 Lexus IS 350 has 11 recalls plus several others like fuel rail leaks that went under the guise of a “Special Service Campaign”.

This Focus has a conventional automatic transmission, the dual-clutch automatics came later.

My kid has base model 07 focus. Had it for 5 yrs. 60k at start and 130k now. No trans issues. So, 1 vote for good luck.

Thanks for the heads up. The recalls came after the car was introduced here, a warmed up version of the British model Many recalls followed.
Overall the model is below average, and my comments stand as I have yet to run into a really happy Focus owner.

I have an 09 Focus with over 170,000 miles that’s treated me quite well with few problems over the years. No transmission issues. I think you’re thinking of Focuses from 2012-present when they did the last redesign

Glad to hear there are some happy owners. Our son did a lot of field work where he had to rent local cars. He rented a Focus a number of times since he was interested in buying one. He bought a Mazda 3 instead.

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My wife actually got the Focus not long after we started dating. It was the most basic version of the Focus SE (no ABS, Traction Control) that the dealership used for test drives and short term rentals only so we got it with under 20,000. I’ve done most of the work on it myself, including a recent fight with the water outlet (need to put up a post about it, that was a bit of a fight to get to since it was buried and I could’ve saved myself a day of working had I been more methodical in my approach to what the problem was). Biggest repair at our mechanic to date was one of the motor mounts (required for inspection, he had it there and swapped it out quick for a fair price). Otherwise it’s been oil changes, and brakes for the most part (haven’t done a ton of brake jobs on it either, it’s a workhorse).