2018 Ford Fiesta - Trans slips

Transmission slips in and out when driving down the road and taken off almost got rear end

Well that’s a definite problem. There’s so many possibilities about all we could offer here is a wild guess without more info. But your 2018 is still under warranty right? Schedule it into the dealership shop for an evaluation is the best path. Don’t try to fix this yourself as doing so might void the warranty.

Ford recently announced a multi billion dollar settlement with owners of Focuses and Fiestas that have troublesome transmissions. I don’t know if your year is part of the settlement, but it would be a good idea to find out.

This is the automatic, right? It has had HUGE problems for years. Complain to your dealer, document everything, research your state’s lemon law, and hope you can get it to apply in your case.


Ford dual clutch transmissions have been a real piece of garbage and there is many lawsuits against them for it . Do a google on ford dual clutch transmissions and see what your options are. Being only 2 years unless you are driving 20000 miles year then it should be under warranty and at the very least you may get a new or rebuilt DCT out of them but I dont know if that is a good or a bad thing .

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