2015 Ford F-150 - CEL

2015 F150 XL 3.5 engine. When I put truck in gear it does nothing, after a while it starts moving then delays until it get warmed up pretty good. after it starts pulling the wrench code is displayed. Transmission then shifts thru gears as speed is increased. the truck has 75000 mile and never had an issue until now.i did notice a weeping trans fluid cooling line close to radiator.

According to the owners manual, you have a Powertrain fault.

Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power/Electronic Throttle Control:

Illuminates when the system has detected a powertrain or an all-wheel drive fault. Contact an
authorized dealer as soon as possible.

If it’s a Powertrain fault, it may be covered by the warranty. Have your dealer check it out soon.

Factory powertrain warranty was 5yr./60k. Unfortunately the OP is out of luck.

This is just a guess…

This sounds like a transmission issue to me, like maybe it’s low on fluid. You’re already aware of a leaking in the fluid cooling line… maybe the fluid level has gotten too low because of the leak.

I’d have it towed to a transmission shop, and definitely have that leaking line fixed.