2008 Ford F250 - Loses power

After driving 10 miles or so truck looses power. If you stop and start again no power in any gear, low ,drive . It wont down shift, or kick down into another gear. Truck only has 73,000 miles, and looks like new. I replaced fuel filters, and air filters, changed oil, runs good when cold. Gilbert

have you checked for any codes? even if your check engine light isnt on there still can be soft codes (pending codes)

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When you say there’s “no power,” is it revving but not going anywhere or just not doing much of anything?

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Not doing much of anything after it has been driven a few miles, No power RPMS not going up , so it doesn’t sound like the transmission is slipping. Even though it looks like it is. If I come to a complete stop, and take off again still no power doesn’t take off like when it is cold, when cold it has plenty of power and shifts good, when hot wont kick down, or if it does you can’t feel it, and takes off very slow. Maybe the censors, Computer, I don’t know. The truck is like a new truck only 73,000 miles real clean, and kept up. I am the only driver . Never off road .

It sounds like it’s worth checking the fuel pressure when it’s hot.

You are stuck at roadside when it fails? How do you get home?

It does sound like a fuel issue or maybe a flaky pedal position sensor.

Should I replace the petal Sensor first. I never heard of one , but I guess I can get one at parts store, am I on the right track? Where should I start on the fuel issue, Should I replace the fuel filters again? How can I check a fuel issue? Thanks Gilbert

is it possible you put the fuel filter in backwards?

I will check, I am 72 years old and anything is possible. I had this problem about 8 months ago so I changed filters and the truck was fine until now .I don’t use the truck that often , like 3 times a month, town is about 19 miles, So I try to use as often as I can. But with this covid I stay out here away from town unless we need supplies, maybe I need to drive more. I am going to change the filters again. anything else you can think let me know I need any help you can offer. Thanks

you have not told us if you have a check engine light on or if you checked for any codes. just out of curiosity the next time it happens, shut the truck off, go open the gas cap and see if you have a lot of air escaping. maybe your getting vapor lock. you say you let it sit for a while and then she will be ok. just a thought. also how old is the gas? you say you only use it 3xs a month short distances.

Gas or diesel?
Any time someone says “fuel” filters makes me wonder

I wouldn’t go replacing parts at random. You can test your pedal position sensor with a multimeter, there are YouTube vids to show you how, but honestly it sounds like you need to turn this over to a professional and let him diagnose it.

How do you check the fuel pressure?

If you don’t know then I agree with @davepsinbox_157004. Let a professional have a look at it.