Transmission Problem

2006 Ford F-150

4.7 liter

Automatic Trans

56k miles

Driving home today, stopped at a signal light and proceeded to go. Nothing happened except for my engine acceleration.

Pulled to the right and turned my truck off. Restarted it and the same thing happened. Moved it to first gear and and proceeded home slowly. (First gear was working but not normal) Parked in the driveway and disconnected the battery to see if resetting the compunter would help. It didn’t. Reverse works. My OD Light is flashing and on the digital odometer it says “Trans Fault” Fluid is good, what is going on?

It sounds like the transmission has dropped into limp mode for some reason, though that usually at least gives you second gear as well as first. At two years old the truck must still be under warranty, right? I’d get it to a Ford dealer, this sort of thing shouldn’t be happening on a two-year-old truck.

Warrant was up at 30,000

Just a question were you offered a extended warranty that covered the transmission? How much would it have cost? Sorry about your trans. There is a current posting on this forum dealing with the value of extended warranty programs. My brother-in law had two replaced in his 2002 F-250 4wd both under extended warranty. My dad had three in his earlier 90’s dodge mini-van with the 3.3

Get it scanned and post back with the code/s