1995 F150 Transmission

Was driving my 1995 Ford F150 and the transmission was evidently leaking. Looks to be around the back of the tranny near the transfer case. Anyhow went out of gear and revved up bad. Pulled it over, I have no gears, I can shift around from reverse down to first with no reaction tho I do hear what sounds like it tryin to move gears. If I try to shift to park the gear grinds while the pickup is running. There is no burning or burnt smell and got the same reactions when I filled it wit transmission fluid again

Could your transfer gear box be stuck between 4-low and 4-high? I think the output shaft of the transmission is still turning when you try to go into Park - thus the the grinding. Try cycling the transfer case into to 4X4 and Low Range and back again. Is the shift motor working? Check the power to the shifter motor.

Hope this helps.

That sounds like a transfer case issue. Get it to a good trans shop and see what they say.


Something broke, either in the transmission or the transfer case. If it is the transfer case, you may be able to put it in 4 low and at least be able to drive it to the repair shop, provided you don’t have to drive on the highway to get there. I have seen the high range fail while leaving the low range functional, so it’s something to try in order to narrow the problem down and possibly save you a tow bill.