2016 Ford F150 transmission jumps out of gear

Bought new 2016 F150 XLT 3.5 l ecoboost, 23,000 km max tow package. recently transmission jumps out of gear around 4th or 5th doing about 50-60km/hr “Hill Start Assist Not Available”, then center screen changes to show a little wrench icon and the tac screen shows driver info and traction icons. Vehicle feels bit rough vibration but will not engange into any gear even when column shifter moved to M, 1 or 2nd. vehicle coasts to stop and again same errors and will not shift into any fwd gear. Will shift into Rev. Hove to turn off ignition, restart then can shift into Drive and everything seems fine - until next time. This has happened 2X on a an small incline . Took into Ford dealer but they could not fix problem nor make it happen on road test. They called Ford but they didn’t have any fix either. Got it back but again problem occurred but on a relatively flat street (less than 1 % grade) when it happened again about 50 km/hr. Any ideas what the problem might be?

Sounds like the powertrain computer has a serious problem. So does the Ford dealer as this truck is still under warranty, right? This is a rather serious problem. It is a danger to you but the dealer can’t fix what they can’t find. I’d plan on taking it to the dealership and offering to drive a mechanic around with a scanner in his hands until the problem occurs and he can data-log the problem.

I’d hate to tell you to live with it until it breaks and won’t re-set with an ignition cycle because it isn’t very safe. Make that clear to the dealer and the zone rep, if needed. Good Luck

You have a 5yr, 50,000 mile warranty, use it.
I broke the transfer case on mine at 48,900 miles, 58 months. Dealer fixed it under the warranty, no questions asked. Though I did find out I was not giving it enough time to fully engage, so it was probably my fault.