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2015 Dodge Journey windshield with spider crack

Where’s the best place to get a spider crack in a windshield fixed?

You don’t fix things like that. You replace the windshield. Call your insurance company and you may be covered.

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Your insurance co has deals and contacts with local shops, @VOLVO_V70 gives good advice on calling your insurance co first.

I had a rock chip my window in the drivers side, had to be replaced, I had a $50 deductible. The insurance co and their glass shop had an arrangement where the shop waived $50 so I paid nothing, the windshield was replaced in my garage.

depends on the size and location of the damage

A small crack can be repaired . . .

But a spider crack sounds rather large

You’re probably looking at a new windshield

Call auto glass companies, and ask if they have this capability.


If the damage is directly in front of the driver’s field of vision, you’re not supposed to fix it, you’re supposed to replace it

Only you know where it’s damaged

Thanks for the replies.
It’s smaller than a dime and on the passenger side.
Sorry for being unclear. Spiders are smaller in Michigan I guess.
Maybe I should have said small star like crack or chip.

Can you post a photo?

Just go by a auto glass shop and they can tell you what can actually be done . I had a rock chip filled in a wind shied 5 years ago and it is still fine.

I think it refers to the spider web not the spider itself. I have seen small chips done with no problem. Sometimes insurance companies will want to try it first before paying for a windshield, but if it is not obstructing your view, they may not want to pay for it anyway.

It depends on your state laws. Look up MI law on line concerning windshield breakage.