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Spider Crack On Windshield

My sister has a 2008 Honda Civic. Its a lease.

The other day I noticed a tiny spider crack on the windshield passenger side. Probably a pebble or something bouncing up and hitting it while driving down the highway.

1. How can you prevent these things from getting worse?

2. How quickly do they get worse?

3. The windshield has the Honda dealers name and I guess tracking info emblazoned on it. Its not a sticker, its painted on there or whatever. If I don’t want to use the dealer to replace the windshield, is that something she could get penalized for, in other words, replacing it with a window that doesn’t have that info.

I’m not sure if the car warranty covers this sort of repair and I won’t go to a dealer to replace a windshield.

Thanks for any help.

Warranty coverage on a cracked windshield? I don’t think so, unless your sister somehow got a factory warranty that also covers body damage when she gets into an accident. (I am attempting to show the naivete of believing that Honda would be responsible for covering any kind of damage to the car other than something resulting from a mechanical or electronic defect.)

That being said, you can go to any automotive glass shop for windshield repair, and you should be aware that there is modern technology to repair spider cracks and keep them from spreading in some instances. If that type of repair is not appropriate in this instance, then she should opt for replacement.

If your sister was wise enough to get “comprehensive” insurance coverage with a very low deductible, it is likely that her insurance would cover the bulk of the cost of the windshield repair or replacement. Even if she didn’t pay for good coverage, her insurance company can guide her to a glass shop that has reasonable prices.

Incidentally, it is not necessary to post the same question four or five times.