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Spider Crack On Windshield

My sister has a 2008 Honda Civic. Its a lease.

The other day I noticed a tiny spider crack on the windshield passenger side. Probably a pebble or something bouncing up and hitting it while driving down the highway.

1. How can you prevent these things from getting worse?

2. How quickly do they get worse?

3. The windshield has the Honda dealers name and I guess tracking info emblazoned on it. Its not a sticker, its painted on there or whatever. If I don’t want to use the dealer to replace the windshield, is that something she could get penalized for, in other words, replacing it with a window that doesn’t have that info.

I’m not sure if the car warranty covers this sort of repair and I won’t go to a dealer to replace a windshield.

Thanks for any help.

If the spider is less than the size of a quarter you can all a glass repair company and they will repair it will stop spreading. However if beyond that point you likely have to carry glass insurance (comprehensive) due to lease and it will be covered either for repair usually 100% or with deductible if any for windshield.


Thanks for the quick reply. I know there is comprehensive on this vehicle so I would probably have her wait until its a real issue and then just let them replace it.

I recall seeing a kit in an autoparts store that lets you fix a tiny crack yourself. This is definitely much smaller than a quarter. I’m wondering if anyone knows of this type of kit.

If you have comprehensive, let the pros do it. They will make sure it will not be a visible repair. They will also choose to repair the crack, not replace it if it is that small. I had a friend who had the job done by professionals due to a some rocks being kicked up by a truck. There were three small spider cracks across the glass. It was the factory windshield, and you could not see the cracks after the repair, not matter what angle you tried to look through…


This is great advice. Thank you.

One other thing I’m curious about. How do they repair it so you don’t see anything? What is the process for fixing this sort of thing? Also, can you get a summons for it if you’re pulled over?

I recall being pulled over for speeding once about 15 years ago and the cop telling me he wouldn’t write the ticket if I’d get the windshield fixed. This was on an old Buick and it was pretty bad. He handed me a slip of paper and told me I had 48 hours and could fax in the receipt once it was done and I wouldn’t have to pay a fine.

They use a special pressure system and a special optical clear epoxy to fill the crack and bond the glass. The system is approved and recommended by most glass manufacturers.

If that spot is in the line of sight for the driver, the insurance company will want to get it properly corrected right away at no charge to the owner.

I’ve had this repaired on two vehicles. Your insurer will recommend few places to take it for repairs; your sister will be responsible for the deductible. Some of these shops might offer to repair the windshield in her driveway. But they don’t like to do that and may offer to waive the deductible payment if she drives it to their shop. I got off without the $50 deductible twice this way. Just be aware that the shop might try to play dumb after the repair. She should confirm that the deductible is waived before she lets them start work. If they don’t remember waiving the deductible, she should walk out after setting up an appointment for them to come out and do it in her driveway.

Thanks for all the great advice folks. The crack is not in the driver’s line of site; its on the passenger side and not anywhere near eye level. My main concern is not getting a ticket. We are going to contact insurance to find out what they cover. I was not aware that there would be a deductible with this sort of repair, so that it is great advice about bringing it to the shop. I actually am now considering bringing it to the dealer as they are really close, as long as its not going to be some really high charge.

I think an auto glass shop will be your best value. The dealer might even use them. In any case, go wherever your insure tells you to go. But you can go anywhere you want are welcome to pay as much as you want.

All good advice - as for ‘how quickly do they get worse?’, it depends, but it can be very quick, so get it fixed ASAP.

Don’t bother reporting this to insurance. Shop around for a good cash price on repair or replacement. You can probably get a new windshield from a glass shop for about $250.