Windshield crack after repair

I had 2 tiny holes in the windshield which looked like someone poked with a pin (not all the way through but on the surface only). My insurance covers this and sent a 3rd party techinician. He filled the holes with resin and smoothed them out but what once were specks are now cracks (like spider legs 2/3" in diameter). He claims this is normal occurence with the machine he used and says he did nothing wrong. Is he right or is this a shoddy job that calls for a complaint? I tried to take a photo but it’s too sunny and I can’t make them to show up even 'tho they are so visible.

Call your insurance and tell them the repair was not satisfactory . It is that simple and a picture will not really mean much here with out seeing the windshield in person. Sometimes the repair just does not work.


The only time I’ve seen the epoxy method used, the repair is invisible. Clearly the stresses in the windshield were there that the repair did not fix. The windshield needs to be replaced.

The glass guy didn’t spider crack the windshield. It was a valiant attempt to fix the chip. If it worked, great! It didn’t so call your insurance company and get it replaced.


Just yesterday I was talking with a friend who had a chip repaired. The tech told him if it doesn’t get worse within a couple of weeks after the repair, then the repair probably worked, but if it got worse, it will need a new windshield. It got worse, so they are getting the windshield replaced.


Call or visit your insurer and discuss the new cracks. They will probably replace the windshield, less deductctible.

one of the steps in that “crack repair” is drilling the damage/hole to the glass internal core, before resin is injected

some kits even instruct to insert a small pin into the drilled hole and push/smack it to create a little pocket where resin will go to fill the spider-cracks

I can totally imagine that during this process initial chip became a spider-web

I have never had a deductible for glass.

Insurance has always been more than willing to replace my windshields if there was a problem like a crack or sand blasting. They did mention I could try the epoxy if I wanted but they didn’t push it saying it was 50-50 to work or not.

The last time I replace the windshield, my insurer paid for all but $50. The glass shop gave me a $50 discount for bringing the car into the shop rather than doing a driveway repair.