2016 Toyota Camry - Accidental Diesel in Tank

I put diesel in the car by accident 5$ worth of it

Here we go again.


$5 is less than 2 gallons. Fill the tank with gas to dilute the diesel and it should be OK.

Don’t do that again. If you fill it with diesel you are looking at a lot of money to drain it out.


For crying out loud , what is wrong with all these people ?

Sorry , but this is a valid question . Hardly a week goes by that someone does not post that they put diesel in their gas vehicle . They very seldom say how they did it . It can’t be that hard to read what the label on the pump says. Plus if they in the US most diesel nozzles will not fit the gas filler pipe.


Seem’s someone didn’t like what we said I could see I can see some putting diesel in a gas tank on a rare occasion but we seem to see it away to much I don’t know what the answer is.