2014 Toyota Corolla paint is peeling off

2014 Corolla S Plus. Paint is coming (peeling )off the roof, and hood corners. Car always go to get wash at the dealership and hand wash. Always had Toyota and never had this issue before. I wonder if they are other Toyota owners with same issue and if there is any paint warranty under Toyota.

That question is best asked of your Toyota dealer or Toyota Corporate.

I’m having the same issue with my blue 2014 corolla and called Toyota and only warranty is the 3years 36000miles. I called the customer care and she was condescending and just repeating I was well out of the warranty. Though this was a known issue before with the blizzard Pearl and white cars. Which ended in a class action law suit. Unfortunately I think that is how this going have to go because they are play dumb and acting like this isn’t a problem. But a 6 year old car should not be peeling paint especially if well taken care of.

Having the same issue on the roof of my pearl white 2014 corolla eco. I noticed it four weeks ago and now my roof looks like it’s has leoprasy…every time I drive off, paint flicks off and shatters like glass on the road behind me. Somethings gotta give here - we aren’t the first to have this issue.

Have you asked your dealer if Toyota has an extended warranty covering the paint problem?

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It seems like its peeling on different color paint also.

That’s only for one complaint. Paint problems don’t appear to be common, based on that.

Pretty late to the forum, but I spoke with Customer Service. The reason there’s no recall for this specific color is because “there haven’t been enough official complaints.”

+1 (877) 855-8377
Call them a million times and complain