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2015 Toyota Camry paint peel frustration

Recent paint peeling rear and along trunk edge. I’ve never seen this in prior vehicles. Had a Volvo 20 years with no such paint peel !!!

I feel your pain!
I had a Volvo whose paint on the horizontal surfaces was totally chalked after only 21/2 years, and Volvo claimed that environmental conditions had caused the problem. They could well have been correct, but then… Why did none of my neighbors have the same problems with their cars?

In any event, any chance of having Toyota take responsibility for your car’s problem disappeared when the 3 year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty expired.

It’s possible Toyota will do a good-will deed even if the car is beyond warranty.

I would ask a few body shops for their opinion and a repair estimate. If they’ve seen it before and attribute it to a factory problem, then approach your Toyota dealer.

Did you buy your car new or used?

If used, it could have the rear side repair done and painted improperly, Toyota would not be liable at that point, even in good faith

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I purchased the car new. Not used! I’ve only put less than 12,000 miles on it! Now find the paint coming off in spots!!

Is the paint coming off or the clear coat?


The paint bubbles and comes completely off. It is not a top coat it’s the paint.

Then that means the surface of the vehicle had contaminates on it before it was painted.


A dirty secret: brand new vehicles are often damaged in transit or even at the dealership and repaired, and sold as new with no disclosure of the damage.


It sounds like that area needs to be repainted. Why it happened, no idea. But it is pretty unusual for a 4 year old car. I see lots of Camry’s on the road here in San Jose, one of the cars w/the largest percent of the total car population here, and don’t notice any unusual paint problems on newer ones. Older ones, yes, I occasionally see older Camry’s w/paint problems, saw one the other day in fact, but that car was 15-20 years old & parked outside in direct sun every day, seldom washed and probably never waxed. I expect the problem is the ideas mentioned above, a poorly executed repair, or a paint problem at the factory.

I own a 27 year old Corolla. It came from the factory w/a few paint blemishes, which Toyota offered to repair, they acknowledged they found a factory paint problem affecting quite a few of their cars; but I decided the blemishes were barely visible, I’m probably the only person who would ever notice them, and the repair might cause more problems than just leaving them be. Working so far, paint remains in very good condition. I park indoors or out of the sun when possible, hose off the surface once a week or two, wash w/soap and water every 2-3 months, and wax twice a year.

Hello Marge02,

I have a 2015 Toyota Camry with only 9,800 miles I purchased it brand new!!! My paint is also bubbling and peeling off in the rear along the trunk edge. I took it into the dealership and they are filling a claim with Toyota. Hopefully they cover it. I suggest you take your car into the dealership to so Toyota knows many people are having this issue.

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I called the dealership where I purchased the car and they said they don’t have anything to offer the paint has no warranty. I spoke with a guy at the auto body shop he said Toyota Honda Ford and others are all coming in with paint peel problems at 4 to 5 years age!!! His opinion is the paint is not being correctly done at the factory.

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Call a different dealership and schedule an appointment to see the Service Manager. The Service Manager will submit a claim to Toyota Corp. The more claims they get like this the better and they might do a recall on this model for the paint. You were misinformed by the representative on the phone. I would go in and demand a claim be filed to Toyota they will take pictures of your car. I would disregard what the guy at the auto body shop told you because that is abnormal to happen to a car in less than four years. It sounds like you have the exact same issue as me and it happened around the same time. We both have low miles and have the issue in the same spot. I will hire an attorney if Toyota decides they will not cover this.

Agreed, except that they won’t do a recall for a paint problem, they could extend coverage to those affected.

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