2010 Toyota Corolla - Disheartening paint

I’m truly disgusted with the nasty ugliness of the disappearing paint. I had two sections repainted early on, but had no clue it was this huge. The hood has chicken-pox! The rest has been fading and down to the metal and rusting. The continued huge estimates and costs of having the paint job re-done - just pricing it, year by year is encouraging another group of rip-off businesses! I’m working on an estimate for having those areas WRAPPED.
I had the same shock and feeling of abuse as many Toyota owners on this and the other sites. This is what we get for supporting them and paying for the previous quality vehicles. It’s currently only 12 years old and has been ugly since 6 years old. Shame on all levels of Toyota and other dealerships. Ha! As if they care!!

What color?

How often did you wash/wax said vehicle?



I know Toyota’s had troubles with Bilizzard White paint from this era but Mom’s 2010 Prius in that color hasn’t faded or been damaged other than a few rock chips that come with living on a dirt and gravel road. Driver’s door was replaced and paint blended from a low speed incident in a parking lot. Local shop that works with our insurance did an amazing job that’s held up for the last 6yrs at least. And they’d redo their work under warranty if it hadn’t.

Mom’s Prius gets garaged at night and washed when needed and looks no worse than she drove it off the lot in July of 2009.

Early on I was able to wash and wax it once a month, or two. It’s been suggested I was over washing and waxing! So I cut back some.

Who made that idiot statement ?

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“Only” 12 years old, but exposed to what weather conditions?


I think your best bet is a new paint job, followed by

  • try to keep it out of direct sunlight when possible
  • rinse the dust off once a week with the garden hose
  • after rinsing, wash with sponge, soap and warm water every month or two.
  • wax twice a year alternating between the big-seller easy to apply waxes or synthetics. I alternate between a Turtle Wax product and Nu-Finish.

Don’t expect showroom appearances using this method, but you should avoid most of the problems you’ve been experiencing.

As a kid when I’d be out waxing and polishing the car in the driveway, there was an old man that would comment that I was going to rub the paint off. I don’t think he owned a car himself.

Do you believe frequent watering will help with paint delamination? This in an adhesion problem with the E-coat. Water gets under the paint and accelerates the damage.

I know Toyota has repainted these Corollas for the original owners for free. Doesn’t hurt to ask and escalate to a regional rep.

Here’s what Toyota agreed to do, if it has the particular white paint ( Blizzard Pearl (070) or Super White (040)). Does it?
MC-10170749-9999.pdf (nhtsa.gov)

Keeping the paint surface clean will indeed help preserve the finish. It won’t solve prior paint degradation so much, but with new paint, keeping the surface clean should be very helpful.