2008 Toyota Corolla - Peeling paint

I have a 2008 Toyota Corolla.The paint is peeling on the hood ,the roof,and a little in the trunk.

And? Are you asking us for estimates? Paint jobs can be cheap or much, much more than the value of an old Toyota.

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Toyota Extends Paint Warranty up to 14 Years to Fix Peeling Issue - The Car Guide (guideautoweb.com)

assuming you have white

Unfortunately, when it comes to the Corolla the list shows 2009 to 2018 so that leaves the 2008 SOL.

The OP could contact Toyota’s regional office and do a lot of sucking up in the hope they might make an exception to the rule. Maybe the attract more flies with honey than vinegar rule would work out…

The customer support bulletin for Super White and Blizzard Pearl paint shows;

2009 - 2019 Corolla, produced Early June 2007 - Late September 2018

There must be a typo, vehicles built in June, 2007 would be the 2007 or 2008 model year. Call Toyota customer service and ask for clarification.

2008 Avalon, Camry, Rav4, Scion xB and 4Runner are covered buy not Corolla?

I hope you aren’t one of those Toyota owners that believe that because it says Toyota on the hood, they should last forever, they don’t.


… and I hope that the OP isn’t one of those people who think that the mfr should be responsible for all repairs, even after more than a decade. I sincerely hope that the OP lucks-out with Toyota’s paint repair campaign, but unless this Corolla has the problematic white pearl paint, it probably won’t happen.