Toyota paint recall and selling our Rav4

We have a 2013 Toyota Rav4 with the white paint that has had a recall due to peeling. We are expecting a baby and wanted to sell the car but didn’t think ours was affected. The paint seemed fine until a few months ago when I was washing the car I noticed some bubbling. The paint had not started to come off but was getting very close. I called Toyota and we took the car in so they could take a look. When we took the car in they took it back to the body shop to investigate and actually peeled off the paint so they could take photos for the warranty process. I didn’t really have a problem with this cause they were going to fix it under the recall. About a month went by and we heard nothing from them and so I decided to call and see what the status was. They told me the claim was approved but they would not be able to get us in the paint shop until next year! I told them the situation about wanting to sell the car and they just said sorry and we have to wait. Does anyone have any insight on what we may be able to do in this situation? Should the dealer pay to get it fixed somewhere else? Should we ask them to buy the car from us? With the paint missing, we are definitely unable to get what it is worth on a trade-in. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you

You should have a claim number . Ask the dealer for it politely plus if they have a corporate contact for you . The dealer can only do what they are authorized to do .


You can contact Toyota directly:

They helped me out four years ago in getting a lifetime muffler warranty honored for a 30 year old muffler!

As Volvo_V70 says: BE POLITE. If things don’t go your way, don’t come up with “I’ll never buy another Toyota”, etc. (Not that you would :slight_smile: Get angry, that is. )

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The dealer is not going to pay anyone else to paint nor should they. This is a corporate Toyota fix so they are the ones footing the bill. Since this would be warranty the price tag is discounted and corporate Toyota is not going to pay a full retail price for anyone else to do it.

The dealer would buy your car but at 7 years old with ? miles and peeling paint they would likely consider it a wholesale unit to be gotten rid of. That means a heavily discounted price; unless you want to trade on a new car then they will offer you the new fake, over-inflated price. I doubt the peeling paint is going to make much of a difference as a trade-in.

Unless corporate Toyota happens to send you to another dealer somewhere I think may have to just wait it out or take your lumps.


Thanks to everyone for their advice. Called Toyota customer service and they ended up calling all the Toyota dealers in my area and found one that would take us in a few weeks! Amazing how much they helped! Thanks again!