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2014 Kia Soul issue

I have a Kia Soul 2014 with 85K miles. So this sound I started hearing Monday from my car is weird. Every time i been acclerating at a lower speed and turning corners a motor sound is coming from what I think is the engine. Its like a lawn mower sound coming from the front end when reduced speed and turning left or right. And today when I tried to pick up speed a little it got louder. What could this be?

Based on the symptoms, the age, and the mileage, I’d have a look at the engine mounts.

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I would think a serpentine belt or one of the accessories attached to it.

That it happens while accelerating and turning could point to engine mounts and connections in the exhaust system that open a bit when the engine is moving in its mounts.

Going left or right could be a wheel bearing going .

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Yes. Maybe CV joint also - usually that sound is a crackle or hammering sound.