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Creek/Squeak when Accelerating

Hello, I recently Purchased a 2014 Kia Forte (base model) and noticed a noise just as I accelerate. Once I have gotten some speed on the car the noise is no longer there. I have read some articles in which there are many possibilities to this problem. I am going to take it to a mechanic soon but would like to hear some input. I have a video if you don’t mind taking a look. Thank you all in advance.

Just tell the mechanic what you hear and when . It is the mechanics job to solve the problem . There is such a thing as to much information and supplying guesses from the web might not be what he wants.

When you accelerate from a dead stop is when your motor mounts will be stressed the most… it may have something to do with a worn mount.

Open your hood…start vehicle, apply the brake and put into Drive… holding brake…press accelerator and release…watch your engine move through the windshield. Repeat in reverse… Any correlation to engine movement and the noise?