What are these noises


Here are a few noises I’ve noticed:

(1) A low whump whump whump sound where the frequency increases with speed and it seems more noticeable when turning left than going straight or turning right. Sounds like it’s coming from the front wheels. I got my fairly new tires balanced and rotated but that didn’t help.

(2) Sometimes I hear a single click sound from under the car when I initially start to accelerate. For example, I’ll be at a stop light and when it turns green I’ll hit the gas and immediately hear a click. I tend to only notice this after the car is warmed up, and even then it doesn’t always happen.

(3) A couple days ago I was doing a very tight u-turn where the steering wheel was turned all the way and I briefly heard a loud sound, that I recall as being a squeal/chirp type sound but I can’t remember for sure. It immediately went away after I was no longer at full lock.

BTW, this is for a 93 Corolla with 84k miles.



Noise #1 may be internal tread damage on one of the front tires. If so it should be covered by the tire warranty. Tell the dealer that’s what you have and insist he make good. I may be wrong but he will work hard to find the real cause of the noise.

Noise #3 is normal power belt squeal. It is common and harmless. You can ignore it. Alternately you can spring for a $2 spray can of Prestone Belt Dressing and use as directed.

Noise #2 remains a mystery. Ignore it unless it gets worse.


#2 sounds like it’s probably just a little pinging, which is normal under hard accelleration with a hot motor. If it’s convienient sometime, you may want to have someone check the timing, but no big deal unless it gets worse.

If #1 didn’t move with a tire rotation, I’d tend to discount a tire problem and tend to think more towards a bad bearing. If your tire dealer is one that actually fixes stuff too, it might not be a bad idea to have them check it out, otherwise go to your regular mechanic.


I suspect you are hearing a CV joint going bad, that might explain all three sounds. Has anyone looked at it yet?


I agree with Craig that all three sounds could be related to a CV joint that is badly worn. It would be a good idea to have them checked before you get stranded somewhere inconvenient.