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2014 Kia Forte Sounds Like Lawn Mower When Accelerating (video link included)

As the title says, my Kia Forte sounds like a lawn mower (or like holding a piece of paper into a fan) when I give it gas. Happens both while in drive (as you’ll hear in the video) and when actually moving. I tried looking around online for a solution, but I don’t know exactly how to describe the sound. I appreciate any help. Just want to get an idea before I take it in to get looked at.

I won’t play the video… safe computing and all

But I will suggest the problem may be a broken exhaust. Mynadvice is to explain the symptoms just as you did here and let the professionals find the cause. If you are afraid of being scammed, don’t take it to that shop in the first place. Find a well respected, honest repair shop.

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Seems like an exhaust leak of some kind to me too, by the written description not by listening to the clip, which I didn’t do. A diy’er could possibly gain a clue by feeling along the exhaust path while a helper partially blocks the tailpipe. that will force more exhaust fumes from any leak and make it easier to feel.

Thanks for the suggestion. That was one of the things I had come across online that it could be. I’ve embedded the video above, so you don’t even have to leave the site to view it, in case you wanted to take a look. Regardless, I appreciate the help.

Just an update for anyone curious. I took it to 2 different shops today, and they both seem to think it is something to do with the timing chain- possibly a guide issue. That was just based off of hearing the sound, neither had a chance to take a closer look. Should find out more next week.

That does sound like a terrible rattle in the engine, did you check the oil level?

Yeah, oil level is good. Actually just had the oil changed last week. I hadn’t checked it before, but they didn’t mention it being low when it was changed.

When an oil change is done very seldom does anyone check the oil level. They just drain the oil , remove old filter and replace both.
It is the owners responsibility to check the oil level.