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Noise when turning

My car makes a creaking noise when turning slowly. What could be the cause of this noise?

Will It Make The Noise With The Car Parked, Not Running, And The Steering Unlocked ?

What model year is this Kia Sportage and about how many miles on it ?

Does the noise stop when the steering wheel is not being turned, even while the car is turning ?

Can you tell whether the noise is coming from the steering wheel area inside the car or from under the front of the car. Maybe listening with the windows open could help.

This is one of those situations that could indicate a harmless, bothersome, rubbing interior trim noise or it could indicate a potentially dangerous situation involving the steering / suspension system.

Give us a few more clues, please.


The model year is 2006.
It makes the noise at the beginning of the turn.
I can’t tell if it’s inside or from under the hood. I think inside.
I thought I might need more power steering fluid. I recently added more.
I do not hear the noise everytime I turn slowly now. Today I didn’t hear it.
After I added the power steering fluid it was still making the noise, I
took it to a repair shop and they said it was the struts.
I have been having this noise for more than one year.
Today the temperature was near 80 degrees.

Shot in the dark but if the noise could be described as a clicking or quick popping while turning it could be 1 or both cv joints. an easy way to give this a check is to take a sharp turn in both directions in neutral then in drive. If the noise happens in drive but not in neutral the there is a good chance that your cv joints are going bad and need to be replaced soon. The good news is that if it is the cv joints and the noise started recently(like within the past month) then you probably have another month before the problem becomes absolutely necessary to fix as long as you take it easy on the turns and even try to take turns in neutral when possible.

It very well could be the struts - the strut mounts in particular. If you can verify that and the squeak is the ONLY symptom then you could ignore it if you want.

But then there are lots of things that can squeak. Maybe you just want to have someone else take a second look at it. If they can pinpoint the noise ask them to show you to satisfy you own curiosity.