2014 Ford Fusion - Bad paint

My 2014 Ford Fusion is having a Paint Problem on the hood something to do with the aluminum hood it is black. it need to be repaint but they dont want to pay for it

The car is long since out of warranty, they’re not going to do anything.

I can’t imagine that any manufacturer would be willing to pay for a re-paint of a car that is long out of warranty, and that could have experienced all sorts of situations that could compromise the paint’s finish.

Just to make it more clear, even if you had spent $300k on a Rolls-Royce, I seriously doubt if RR would re-paint your car without charge after 6 years.

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I think your only remaining option is to go to Ford corporate and ask for help, the contact information is in your owners manual. We’ve had a number of complaints about Ford paint jobs from that period, but I don’t think anyone got help from Ford.
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