Car Repair?

Hi, had some trouble several months back with a paint job on the car hood. After being a loyal customer for over ten years and having all vehicles serviced at this car dealership they came around.

By going in and talking with the repair manager it was a long wait of over one month for no service. I talk with the insurance company and they looked into it, however didn’t do anything. They just told me to take the dealership deal and pay the labor cost of painting the hood.

I sent a letter to the owner of the dealership and the problem was solve just like that.

The repair manager called and pretended nothing happen. Told me just the bring the car in they would paint it at no cost.

Well I was in just a minor car accident and I was wondering if I should go back to the dealership. I mean would you go back to them? The owner did resolve the problem but only after I sent he/she a letter. I just don’t understand why the repair manager would give the run-a-round for over a month and a half, and denied it was their fault for subpar work.

What is the problem? You got the car repaired and you seemed satisfied with the job they did…you just don’t like how the repair manager dealt with the problem…Your choice to go back or not. To me what is important is to get the car repaired properly…

Your post is very unclear.

We were not there to witness anything that may have taken place, and the details (actually the lack of details) makes it very difficult to give you an opinion.

Can you try again to give us the full details and the sequence of events?

Your insurance or pocket should cover the minor accident repairs not dealer.

As a paying or insured customer you should expect to be scheduled in and work performed. As a “goodwill” customer you need to give a dealership leeway as they make no money and lose it spending time on your vehicle instead of making money elsewhere. They probably were busy and could not schedule you in prior.

Sorry for the lack of information from my previous post. I wanted to know if you would go back to the same dealership to have new work done on your car if you has some problems with them in the past, however after taking with the owner of company, he/she resolve the issue after two months.

The problem I had with them was a paint job problem to the hood. The repair department refuse to repaint the hood, because they told me it was due to paint chip and improper washing the car. The insurance company looked into it and told me that they couldn’t do anything about it. This took two months for the final decision and result to come back from the dealership lab.

I was able to contact the owner of the dealership and they repainted the hood at no cost to me.

It was a hassle but eventually the dealership took care of the problem.
I have some more work that needs to be done to the car, due to a new minor accident. I didn’t know if I should take it back to this dealership or take it to someone else.

Why do you feel that you need to go to a dealership for body repair work?
Surely there must be decent auto body shops in your area.
Ask friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors for body shop recommendations.

In some cases, even if you take a car to a dealership for body work, they will subcontract it to an auto body shop. Why not eliminate possible middlemen?

There are still a lot of missing details about the original paint complaint.
Are you saying this hood was repainted (not a factory paint job), suffered some problems, and they refused to redo the paint work they had done? Just clarifying.

You state they refused based on the diagnosis of rock chips and improper washing so I ask this.
Were there any rock chips in the paint?
Have you used the high pressure soap at the car wash; especially within a few months of the paint work?

If the answers are yes the dealer is simply doing a manager override and did the repaint as a PR move even though they had no obligation to and in my opinion, the manager did the right thing originally be refusing to redo the work.

Took the car to several different dealerships to look at the paint job. They all stated the results. "Either the paint/clearcoat didn’t set long enough an or rush.

You are talking about a disposable consumer product. Nobody cares about the paint job except you…Now that you have smashed it up (again?) having it repainted the first time was a complete waste of time, right? Some day it’s going through a shredder and they all look the same after that…

I can understand that but my question was if there were any rock chips and car washes involved.

No rock chips whatsoever confirmed my several dealerships. Clearly a clearcoat issue. Elderly person just ding the door when we when had an snow storm two weeks ago. I was going to take the car in to get it fix. Nothing big

Exactly correct on the subcontracting, with a large fee added to drive your car to the subcontractor. I had a broken mirror last year, and took it to a glass place where the owner is an old school friend of my SIL. He told me if I had taken it to the dealer, he would have done it for them, they don’t do things like that themselves in many cases if a good subcontractor is available. He charged me $10, for putting new glass in the mirror frame, outside left rear view. I had to sacrifice the dimming function, using standard mirror glass, but at the price, why not?

A good portion of the dealerships where I live outsource their bodywork. The dealer may or may-not be good. Check around.

Without seeing the car I have no idea and will trust that what you are being told about the clear coat not being done correctly was correct.

Paint work can be a dicey thing at times; especially if someone is rushing or as more than likely, pressured by the upper echelon to hurry up.
Maybe the clear coat was short shortly after the color without giving the color time to set up properly is about all I can venture a guess at.