2014 Ford Explorer - Paint Bubbling

My Ford Exployer Limited is kodiac brown and the hood lip paint is bubbling Ford is refusing to except responsibility

Do you wax the vehicle at least once a year?


It is out of warranty , end of story.

Some manufactures are having problems with the paint on aluminum body panels, perhaps the prep process was inadequate. Certainly disappointing to have a late model vehicle with failing paint.

There’s a customer interest bulletin you should be aware of: 16-002B. Corroded aluminum body panels, applies to your make/year/model.

Apparently they have a way to repair the problem, doesn’t requiring replacing the panel.

Often on customer interest bulletins there’s some expense accommodations given to the customer by the manufacturer. But it isn’t clear what if any those are from what I’m reading. This is something you probably want to approach the manufacturer about directly, if the dealership isn’t forthcoming. Still may not get relief, but no harm in asking. Social engineering skills are important here. Make sure everyone you talk to knows you’d like to continue to be a Ford customer and be more than happy to purchase another Ford product in the future. Provided you are treated well.

After I purchased my Corolla I noticed a couple of paint glitches on the hood, didn’t think much about it, then received a letter in the mail saying Toyota was aware of the problem and would repaint the hood for me, gratis. I was appreciative they’d do that, and didn’t try to hide from the problem, but the appearance defect was barely noticeable , and repainting always has a risk of the colors not matching, so I didn’t take them up on their considerate offer.

You could ask and pray for a bit of Good Will warranty; assuming you bought the vehicle new and that it’s never been hit in that area.