2012 Ford Mustang - Paint issues

Bubbling and peeling on hood of Ford Mustang 2012, what’s the best way to fix the problem?

Repaint the hood.



That has been a problem for over a decade. The paint on the leading edge of the hood on my 2016 has been bubbling/chipping for a while now, I try to keep on it with touch up paint. The problem has to do with aluminum or partial aluminum hoods, there are TSB’s about it, but if you’re out of warranty Ford isn’t going to anything for you. The recommended fix is to buy a new hood and have it painted. Apparently, the issue occurs where aluminum and steel meet, corrosion occurs and causes the paint problems. If you repaint the original hood, the problem will show back up eventually.

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But since the car is now 11 years old, and it got the OP this far and just started bubbling, I think just repainting the hood should carry this car to the junkyard.


@LORRAINECOLOPRISCO If repainting the hood is beyond what you can do yourself get a price from a local body shop . Also you might check into a vinyl wrap . Even choose a flat black for the color so you don’t have to worry about a match.


If your version of “cosmetic perfection” is “looks pretty good from 10 feet away”, you can probably fix that problem by sanding the worst of it away, get rid of all the underlying corrosion, then a primer and a few layers of matching touch up spray paint, followed by clear coat. Aftermarket auto repair manuals (Chiltons/Haynes) often have a section of generic diy’er instructions for this sort of repair.