2017 Ford Escape -peeling paint

I have a 2017 Ford Escape that the paint is peeling on the outside corner window passenger side. I have only had the car for 6 months, and it only has 39,620 miles on it. I have gone to the dealership who seems to be trying to help me with contacting the Ford Company. I have contacted the Ford Company directly to review my issue and received a call this morning that they have no program that I fall under that can cover the repainting of my car. I find this very unsatisfaction and place to pursue it forward any requestions?

No way Ford will repaint a four year old used car at their expense.

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Even if the car started just peeling the paint off. Ford is a big company and I don’t care who they think they can choose to help they will fix it or I will make a lot of noise how Ford Company suck.

You can make all the noise you want , and Ford will still not repaint your used vehicle .


Its is just a small part. Why are you so sure they will not do it?

I guess OP thinks the squeaky wheel will get the oil.
you can see if there is a class action law suit for this. but by the time you get any results you will probably be on your next car.

Make all the noise you want, it won’t help you
You are not a customer of Ford, and they have no obligation to you.


Because while it’s a “small job” to you… you’re expecting them (Ford) to pay for it.

Which means they have to take a technician off another job that can potentially bring them in some profit.

Paint problems don’t appear to be common on that era Escapes, so work with the dealer and/or contact Ford directly (the number is in your owners manual). Have you checked with a body shop? The out of pocket cost may not be that much.
Ford Escape Problems | CarComplaints.com

The OP already told us that…

The bottom line is that no vehicle manufacturer is going to repaint a 4 year old car for the second owner, especially when it is entirely possible that the actions of the first owner contributed to the problem.

Edited to add:
There are instances where manufacturers will own-up to a widespread paint problem, as Toyota did with their Pearlescent White paint, but as texases pointed out, paint problems seem to be relatively rare for 2017 Escapes, so the OP is not likely to get any satisfaction from the manufacturer.


I skipped that part. The OP should fix it and move on.

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… and he/she needs to understand that certain problem situations can crop-up after buying a used car, and that once the warranty period has ended (in this case, 3 years), the manufacturer is not responsible for fixing the problem.


How do you know Ford is at fault? The part may have been damaged and badly repaired by the previous owner.


Who says they are not. What is OP stands for?

Sorry, OP is ‘original poster’, which would be you.

@SandyGarcia Sandy , even if someone here ( we all use screen names ) says Ford will fix it ( very doubtful ) it will mean nothing to the dealer or Ford corporate.

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Only you say they are. What proof do you have that this wasn’t a previous repair and not a Ford factory paint problem? Just playing “devil’s advocate” because if this goes to court, that is a question that will be asked.

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@SandyGarcia Peeling paint on the front pillars near the windshield of newer Ford Escapes is incredibly common. I am shocked that there hasn’t been a recall or a class action on it yet. Those with the White or Blue paint color seem to be the most affected. Check out the Ford Escape. Check out the others with the same issue on FordEscapeorg, Complaintsboard, VehicleHistory and many other sites. There are literally hundreds with the exact same issue.

Recalls are for safety items only. Paint is not a safety item.


It is possible that Ford might institute a Service Campaign if enough customers complain, but a recall… nope.