Repainting a van

We have a 2000 white windstar with 70000 miles on it. It runs pretty good, new tires, brakes, but the paint has started to come off from hood, top, etc. Is is wroth to repaint it and how much will it cost? Appreciate your time…

It depends how long you plan to keep it. If you want to keep it for another 70,000 miles, repaint it the same color. That way you don’t need to repaint the door sills and under the hood. You could save money by masking the lights, grill, and windows if you think you can do it.

Before repainting, consider contacting Ford regarding them paying for a professional do-over. Ford’s had problems in the past with paint delamination, and after some court action, Ford paid for a number of vehicles to be repainted. It may be worth it to check into this first.

Thanks for the replies so far. Any idea how much will it cost to get it done from a paint shop? I had tried painting hood myself (stripping, applying primer etc) last year, but it has started to come off.

I paid about $1200 about 4 years ago to have my 93 Caprice repainted at MAACO. This included stripping down and repriming the hood, roof and trunk before painting.

Ed B.