2014 Ford Focus - Reliable Used Car?

I am in the market for a used car, and am looking at the Ford Focus. Specifically, I found a decent deal on a 2014 Focus Titanium Hatchback. It has the automatic transmission that I’ve read about online so much. What is your experience like? Is it more of an annoyance while driving, or have you experienced excessive maintenance costs because of it?

It seems like the perfect car for me, and if it’s just a little funny while driving every once in a while, I don’t mind. But if it’s going to break down on me or cost a ton of money I’ll look elsewhere. Thanks!

That could happen to any 5 year old used vehicle . Just pay a mechanic to look for any signs that you should pass on this vehicle . Or the mechanic could say it seems fine but you could still have problems after some time passes.

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I would be asking if the transmission has been replaced. The '14 focus had quite a bit of problems with that.

Coworker has a 2012 Focus with DCT auto. Spends a lot of time in the shop. Based on his experiences, I would avoid a Focus of this vintage.

Ed B.

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The transmission that killed Ford’s small cars…

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I would “look elsewhere”. Unless this car is a few thousand dollars or less, why risk it? You could actually buy a low-mileage used Corolla or Camry from the late 1990s-early 2000s for $3000 or less, and it would probably last longer and give fewer problems than this 2014 Focus.