2014 Dodge Durango - Motor Mounts are pricey

Motor mount leaked its fluid. Dealer charging $1,000 to change two motor mounts. Vehicle has 28,000 miles and has always been garaged.

Not sure what cost should be but you do not need the dealer for an 8 year old car unless you have already given the dealer the go ahead to fix otherwise you can find an independent shop that would be cheaper.


Depending on which engine & which mounts, could be as much as 8 hours labor. .So $1000 total, P&L, from a dealership, that seems a pretty fair price. Seems a little unusual that two mounts would fail at 28K miles though. Suggest to ask dealership if there are any recalls, customer interest bulletins on the engine mounts.

Could just be bad luck, but the forces on engine mounts increase during rapid accelerations and engine braking, so to mitigate mount failure, makes sense to drive gently.


Definitely get a 2nd quote/estimate from a non-dealer repair shop.

You may be shocked at how much less it is than the dealer.


5.7 Engine. Mounts are on back order so I will be getting non-dealer quotes. It’s my wife’s car and she is a gentle driver. Thanks

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