2000 Accord Motor Mounts

After coming back from the dealer for an alternator replacement, the dealer tells me that 3 of the 4 engine mounts are “broken”.

I find this very hard to believe in a car with less than 70K miles. Of course, the warantee is well over now.

How do you check the mounts to see if they are truly “broken”? Or is this just a money generator for the dealer?

Thanks for all the replies (0), Im going to assume that my last sentence was on the money… i.e. “broken motor mounts” = big money maker for dealership.

Beware this con at your dealership. Have them show you just how “broken” they are alledgedly are.

Broken motor mounts will usually cause excessive engine/trans movement, thunking noises, or vibration.

Just because you did not get a quick response here from people who cannot see your car means the dealer is ripping you off?

The mileage on your car is low and normally mounts will not fail that early.
However, the rubber in those mounts is now 8 YEARS old. Rubber degrades over time, and especially if any hard driving is involved (I know, you don’t abuse your car. No one does.), then it’s possible the mounts could be bad.
What happens to the rubber in 8 year old tires or belts? It rots - just like the timing belt in your car if it has not been replaced.

One mount fails, is ignored or not noticed, and this puts additional strain on the others, which then leads to their failure.

About the only thing I could recommend is get another opinion, or even two.

Ah a real reply.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slamming anybody on the site… Sorry if my remarks came off as a little sarcastic… It’s just that when someone posts a problem that is common, people usually pile in with the…“oh yea. I’ve had that and this is what I did” type of replies.

Conversely, when nobody replies, it usually means that the problem is not common or the diagnosis is usualy beyond the realm of common knowledge. I know there is no test for broken mounts in the manual, just how to replace them.

So getting no reply actually told me a great deal.

As for the car, I don’t get any of the signs of broken motor mounts. I’ve tried grabbing the engine and tried to move it using my 220lb bulk, and it won’t shift. I’ve put it thru the Park - reverse cycle with the hood up and the movement looks reasonable and small. It doesn’t clunk around when driving on the road either. Feels the same now as when new.

When i look at the rubber in the mounts with a mirror (actually very dificult) they look brand new, no cracks, nothing. Rubber does go, but usually at about the 15 year mark in my experience, this one has 7 years. I replaced the timing belt at 65K and it looked remarkably good also, not even a trace of fraying.

As for getting a second opinion, I would have to go to an independent dealer, as Honda has entered this data into the Honda service system, so it would show up an any Honda dealership… yes little brother is watching you.

Also, when I got the car back, the little front shock shields inside the front springs were hanging off, something else they reported. However, where the rubber was broken was amazingly clean. With the dust here in AZ, those breaks would be coated in a week.

I am very suspicious of this dealer, he won’t be getting anymore buisness from me.

I just would like to know how to test the mounts, if it means I have to remove one to test it, I’ll do it… when it cools off in a couple of months!!! still in the 105F range here.

Thanks for the reply
RichB in AZ

Trying to rock the engine by hand won’t get it. Foot on the brake, shift into reverse or drive, and you should see the engine rock slightly, not much.

If the engine sits level, does not thunk or vibrate, or has excess movement then the mounts should be good.
It may be that someone was trying to gouge you or a novice tech was wrong in figuring something. The latter would be nothing new either.

I would not go so far as to pull mounts to look at them. If there are no symptoms and the bolts are centered in the insulators then the mounts should be good.

The part about being logged into Honda with this motor mount complaint is something I’m not following.
I quit working for dealers a bit over 10 years ago but unless this is something new, a non-warranty complaint or repair should not even be in the Honda Motor Co. database. It will be on file at the dealer but going to another dealer to get another opinion should not reflect on the initial visit at the first dealer.
The regional offices have far too much to worry about other than non-warrantable complaints and repairs.

OK, so serve me up a nice big helping of “Humble Pie”… with sour cream too.

I did a test with the aid of the wife, much the same as suggested in ok4450’s post. I had the wife sit in the car, put it in gear and with her foot mashed on the brake pedal, she reved the engine while I watched it move. With it in forward, the right hand engine mount was obviously broken. The center bolt lifted up and touched the top of the mount. Brilliant. The dealer was right.

I had a look at the 2 gearbox mounts by taking off the left front wheel and levering the box around with a tire lever and sure enough, the aft one had sheared off.

I wanted to look at the 2 main mounts but they seem to be impossible to remove without dropping the subframe, so they are staying in for now.

Got the parts on-line and it took me about 2 1/2 hours to replace all 3. Waiting for the wife to road test it now.

Thanks for all the help, if there is a way to post pictures let me know and I’ll take a couple of snaps with the old camera

Rich B in AZ