Motor mounts and transmission mounts

The Toyota dealership service department says I need the front, rear and side motor mounts replaced and transmission mounts replaced at a total cost of $1,211.77. Is this a good price for this work, and how urgently do the repairs need to be done? That’s a big chunk of change for me. My car is a 2006 Corolla with 136,514 miles. Thank you

Get a second opinion from an independent shop . . . NOT Pep Boys, Firestone, Midas, Meineke, Just Tires, or any of the other big name franchise shops

An independent shop typically uses aftermarket parts, which are a little cheaper, and their labor rate is also lower


I do have an independent shop that I have had work done with in the past. Their hours are not as convenient as the dealership but I may take time off from work to have them do it if I can save a lot of money. Thanks

If I may ask . . .

Why did you go to the dealership in the first place?

For some other repairs?

It’s highly likely that the dealership performed a “courtesy multi-point inspection” and that is why they looked your car over in the first place, looking for upsells

Don’t you have a friend who can pick you up for a day or two . I thought you were looking for a vehicle so why would you pour a bunch of money in this thing.

This is the first and only new car I have ever purchased and I have mainly had the car maintained by this dealership since it was new and under warranty for the past 12 years. But lately (since it’s way past warranty)I have had a couple of independent shops that I trust do some of the work I need done for lower prices (if it’s not too complicated). For example, last year I had an independent shop put in a new alternator because they were cheaper than the dealership and I have had brake work done by independents. But I haven’t asked my independent shops yet if they do motor and transmission mounts

I am looking for a new vehicle but the average (non lease) car payment for a cheap new car in my price range is about $285 and up which is a huge commitment for someone on my salary. Right now my old car is paid off but the dealership just told me I need $2000 worth of work on my car. Today I just told them to resurface the rear brakes and fix the puncture in a tire and change the oil which was a lot less than that $2000 they want for the mounts too. Plus the dealership says they can’t do the mounts today anyway because it’s an all day job in itself. Oh, and they also said they need to do a diagnostic on my airbag light for $125 ugh

I presume this mount-set includes what’s needed for both the engine& transmission

appx parts cost, front $110, right side 190, left side 125, rear 130, and about 3 hours labor for all.

Check my arithmetic, but I’m coming up with a total of a little over $900 p&l, presuming $100/hour labor fee. So $1200 seems like it might be a tad on the high side, but not brutally high. Might they be doing something besides just replacing the mounts?

Hard to say how urgent it is, but you’ll definitely notice the improvement I expect once it is done. If there’s play in the mounts there’s gonna be vibrations and engine/trans movement, both of which could eventually cause other damage or leave you stranded if left as is. If you know of another well-recommended shop in the area that specializes in Toyota or at least Asian cars, worth a shot probably to have them give you a quote as well. If this shop gives you good service though, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over that price.

George , this person is on an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean so your figures are probably not even close.

In the printout the dealership gave me they didn’t indicate they were doing anything other than replacing the mounts. Lately I’ve already been noticing some loud vibrations through my steering wheel upon startup after the car has been sitting for a while.

If that is what you told the service writer, that is the reason they gave you an estimate for new engine mounts, they get hard from heat and age and cause vibrations. You won’t be comfortable in your car until they are replaced.

I didn’t tell the service writer a word about the vibrations. I never mentioned that.

Below is some general good-to-know info about engine mounts on transverse engine configured vehicles like your Corolla. Shops deal with engine mount problems all the time. A common failure item needing replacement. A little unusual for a 13 year old vehicle with only 136K miles – my own Corolla is 27 years & 200K miles without noticeable mount symptoms – but car-model designs vary year to year & mount problems developing sooner in hot climate, bumpy roads, and/or aggressive driving style isn’t unexpected. I expect your shop is on top of the situation. If they say you need the mounts replaced, you probably do. You could do an experiment, idle the engine in the driveway – best to do this when the engine is warm and you’ve already driven some miles, like the end of the day’s commute – pop the hood, and watch the movement of the engine and transmission when you quickly, briefly, bump the throttle from 800 rpm (idle rpm) to 2000 rpm. The engine will sort of twist in its moorings (mounts) due to rotational inertial forces, and the more it twists, the more you need new mounts. How much twist is normal, and how much is too much, that’s part of what you are paying for, shop experience. But if you have access to another Corolla that you know has no engine mount problems, you could do the comparison that way.

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Thanks! Yup it’s always hot here in Hawaii 70s-90s year round during the day where I live.

Does the engine have to be removed just to replace the mounts?

No. The engine remains in the vehicle.

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Thank you very much for the information