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2004 Acura MDX

My wife recently took our 2004 Acura with 53500 miles on it in to the dealer to have the oil changed. When she picked the Acura up the dealer’s mechanic said that in 3000 miles the motor mounts will have to be replaced at a cost of about $700.

Does this proposed motor mount work seem necessary for a car with less than 60k miles? Also, if necessary to go ahead with this work, is the quoted price of $700 reasonable?

Thanks for any help provided.

Why are you bringing your car to a dealer for maintenance? While they are better than a quick oil change place, they tend to be rather expensive and like the quick oil change place, often can find a reason to do additional work.

The motor mount needs work if it needs work. How old it is is not important. Sort of like a broken arm. If you break your arm, you need to see a doctor, if you don’t you don’t need to have a doctor look at it. You don’t get told by the doctor to come back in three months to have a cast put on it.

My suggestion is to check with friends, neighbors, co-workers etc. to find a local INDEPENDENT mechanic and have them check it out.

If the mounts are bad they should be replaced now. If they’re not bad they don’t need to be replaced.

There is NO WAY to predict motor mount failure in 3,000 miles, and if Honda is no longer capable of making a motor mount that lasts more than 60K we should all quit buying Honda vehicles.

This is very fishy. I think the dealer is running on pure profit motive, and assumes their customers have bottomless pockets.

I suggest you get another opinion from an independent mechanic.

I agree that this situation should be checked by a qualified independent mechanic.

However, before we immediately dismiss the possibility of bad motor mounts on this low-mileage Acura MDX, let us not forget that Honda does have a history of bad motor mounts on both the Honda Odyssey and the Honda Pilot–as early as 50k miles.

And, at the end of the day, this Acura is, after all…a Honda, albeit one with a much nicer interior and some other upgrades.

Yes, a lot of MDX owners are having motor mount issues. I have a 2005 MDX, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Every single maker has bad engineering designs out there. The same problem is prevalent in its platform cousin the Honda Odyssey (they may even come off the same line).

I still would get a 2nd opinion from a independent garage.

same with my Acura MDX. Not only the motor mount that gave me headaches but also the Accessory Belt Idler Pulley. I think that was the problem with this model.

I have a 2003 MDX. I live in Naperville/Aurora in IL. Does anyone know good mechanic (no RIP offs) around this area. I have to change my timing belt and shift lever cable. Thanks for the help

Acura’s Got A 4 Page TSB (Technical Service Bulletin), Written For Acura Technicians, (That Includes 2001-2003 & Early 2004 MDX Models) That Discusses Deteriorated / Torn Front Hydraulic Engine Mounts.

Problems from a faulty mount are vibration at idle or harsh engagement when shifting between P, D, and R.

The replacement mount has a slightly different part number. I’m guessing the replacement part has been revised.


look here for a mechanic in Naperville: