2017 Audi Q7 - Reality check request - Motor Mount cost

Help! Please…I’ve been told I need the Drivers side motor mount replaced at a cost of 1800.00. $2600.00 for Left and Right. Does this sound like a fair price?

I am not a pro mechanic and not familiar with your vehicle but…

Is this the dealer giving you this price?
It seems a little high. a reliable repair shop will probably give you a better price. just don’t go to a chain store.
Either way I would get a second opinion.
how many miles are on your vehicle? Unless it has a lot of miles on it, it seems a little soon to need motor mounts.

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Drive expensive European luxury SUVs, pay expensive service costs and parts prices. The car cost $60,000 new, it has fancy engine mounts.

I can’t say IF you really need new motor mounts or not but the price sounds about right depending on where you live. The Audi dealer the next town over charges $262 an hour labor now. And those mounts are not cheap either. The latte and cookies in their waiting room are really good, however. The $1800 mount helps pay for that.

I’d get a second opinion, while the price might be ok, or not, that’s really early to need motor mounts.

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Motor mounts needed on a 5-6 year old Audi?

Get a second opinion.



Engine mounts are $400 each plus at least 5 hours of labor.
Why does your vehicle need new engine mounts, did someone complaint that the engine is not smooth enough?

From the comments above it seems the unusually high price is mostly b/c of the labor fee. Suggest to get some quote from inde shops, they may be able to offer a lower per hour labor fee.

For comparison, to replace a single mount on my Corolla, about $150 parts cost, and 3/4 hour labor (for the first one, 1/4 hour for each of the remaining).

Your relic of a vehicle compared to a modern BMW ? :confused:

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i thought you just took off the seat belt:


Engineering is engineering. It shouldn’t be that hard to design a vehicle with eventual repairs in mind. Even allowing for parts and labor at Audi prices, the difference seems a bit much.

The 2017 Q7 comes w/either a 4 banger or 6 banger. It’s the latter that has the $400 parts cost and what I’m seeing is 5+ hours labor. For the in-line 4 banger, the costs are considerably less. Appx $200 for the part, 2 hours labor.

You haven’t seen the ‘take the engine out to repair the crazy complicated timing chain’ Audi V8, I guess.

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That is indeed quite a serpentine routing for the chains, looks like when Harrison Ford fell into that pit of snakes … lol … The Q7 of that year doesn’t offer a v8 as far as I can tell, the big engine is a v6. Probably a distinction without a difference. OP can thank Leonardo DaVinci for this problem :wink:

“For comparison”, I have replaced engine mounts on Lexus LS460 cars, 15.4 hours of labor.

Remove and reseal the timing chain cover on a Toyota Highlander (similar size SUV) takes 20 hours of labor. Toyota and Lexus V6 and V8 engines are removed before the timing chain cover can be removed. They are all ten times more difficult to work on compared to 30 years ago.


One look underhood of Audis with the largest engine in each carline can surprise you. In many it looks impossible to thread a rope through to the ground the engine is packed in so tightly. And not just Audis…

I suggest a Nash Metropolitan.


Now you’re talking, the Nash Met rules!!! … lol … The Nash’s engine compartment looks similar to first car, 62 Ford Galaxy 2-door, 6-banger with the smallest engine option. Maybe not as roomy an engine compartment as the Nash, but it was definitely roomier that cars these-day, good for someone who appreciates an uncluttered work area.

My family had a Nash, and it would backfire like crazy anytime you drove uphill. I’d sit in the backseat and coax my parent to go up the nearest hill at every chance … lol…