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2013 Hyundai Elantra feels like it’s slipping, but no CEL

Sometimes while driving the transmission feels like it slips out of gear and the rpms go up like its revving up. However the check engine light does not come on. I’ve taken it to the dealer and they can not duplicate it and there is no memory in the computer.

Assuming it’s no longer under warranty, take it to a good independent transmission shop for a diagnosis.

The check-engine light is primarily for issues affecting emissions. A slipping transmission wouldn’t normally trigger that.


Are there certain speeds this happens?

It’s infrequent when it does it. I have kinda noticed it at 50mph or higher!

Actually I was driving home from work today and was going about 40 mph, when it slipped out again and the rpm’s went to around 3000.

I love Hyundai’s for their engine durability and reliability; they have great engines. However, their transmissions in some models can act up. You may have to take it to a dealer…just for a diagnosis fee. Once the dealer pinpoints the problem (they are familiar with their cars), then find a independent and less expensive mechanic to do the repair. Those transmission shops are rip-offs; they will compound the repair along with the cost. Transmission solenoids in Hyundai’s are known culprits. But if a dealer says that is your problem…the cost of repair there…could be $1500 or higher (depending on the number of solenoids). The dealer’s parts charge for trans solenoids are around $400 or more each (with labor figured in). But at a regular electric parts supply store, you can pick them up for around $25 each. Then you can have an independent mechanic install all of them (as brand new) for around $80. This beats a cost of more than $1500 at the dealer, if that be the problem. Before anything thought, I would check the recall status on your trans.

Sure AAMCO is a rip-off along with the other national transmission chains, but a good local transmission shop typically isn’t a rip-off. We have two or three within 20 miles of my house and all have been privately owned and operated for 20+ years, and all 3 have excellent reviews both on the internet and via word of mouth. If I was having a transmission issue with any of my vehicles I wouldn’t hesitate to take it to one of those shops.

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Yes. I agree with the local transmission shops. When I said those transmission shops, I was referring to the franchise shops like AAMCO. For the most part, your local trans repair shop can be honest and reasonably priced; they know they have to be, in order to compete with those franchise transmission repair shops in their area.

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