Slipping Transmission: 1997 Elantra

My 1997 Hyundai Elantra’s Auto transmission started slipping. I changed filter and fluid and found that 2 bolts had fallen from filter and the remaining 2 bolts were loose. It will not go in reverse and only drives without slipping much when Over Drive is turned OFF. Do you think Transmission is shot? Thanks for any input!

Do you think Transmission is shot?


But describe slipping. My wife once experienced a delayed engagement of reverse when she was in a terrible hurry. She referred to it as “slipping” - even though that’s not what slipping is.

What did the old fluid/filter look like? How many miles are on it? What has the service history of the transmission been?

Hi, well when the transmission is put in to drive, it will catch and when time to change gears, it bumps into gear hard. if I don’t take overdrive off, the engine will just rev high until I take overdrive off. Then it drives ok, but it’s still not right. It will not engage reverse at all, even though you can tell a difference in rpms when put into reverse. the fluid was a dark color and i dont have any history on it. Thanks for any input.

Well that doesn’t sound like slipping. But chances are still good that its a goner.

Your best bet if you want to see about keeping it rolling for a while is to take it to your best locally owned, independent transmission shop and have it scanned for codes. If they do that, you can record whatever techie info they have (including error codes) and post here for comment. If you still have the old transmission filter, you might bring it to them so someone can look at it for signs of disaster.

Is your check engine light on?

Thanks. No check engine light, and it does work. The filter is long gone to the dump.

Sorry but its gone. The slipping did it in.


Not to mention the make and age and mileage of the car. Just do a search on your car. You’re lucky to get out with that.

I don’t see anything in the description that says it was slipping. Stuck in 2nd gear maybe. Or I suppose it could also be slipping - hard to say based on the description.

Though in general I’d agree that a '97 Elantra is not cause for any extreme measures.

My vote is for a fried (or partially fried, it’s all the same) transmission. With the filter coming loose it was probably sucking air and the fluid is dark for a reason; slipping.

Thanks for everyone’s input. To describe slipping better, if I start driving with overdrive on, the car will just rev up then as soon as turn overdrive off it will drive, but shifts hard with a sqeal and rpm’s remain around 3500-4000 at 60 mph. As I’m driving, if I turn OD back on, it starts slipping immediately.