1995 Hyundai Elantra transmission

I have recently aquired a 1995 Hyundai Elantra. I know none of the previous history of the car. It is an automatic with 102750 miles. The car runs good and drives okay, it handles like a shopping cart, but after it warms up a little the transmission seems to get stuck between shifting and goes into a neutral feeling. I wouldn’t call it slipping but maybe that is what it is. It goes into gear eventually and drives fine. Once it is in gear it doesn’t slip, only shifting between gears. I checked the fluid and it appears over filled. Would changing the fluid help or just empty my wallet? Any suggestions?

It looks like the transmission needs more than a fluid and filter change. You need to take it to a good independent transmissiion shop (not a chain) for an evaluation. Years ago I had a similar problem with a Ford C-4 transmission. It had to be overhauled at a cost of $185 or so; now a lot more expensive.

In any case, stop driving the car until you get it fixed properly. If you are lucky, it will only need a fluid/filter change and adjustment. Maybe TRANSMAN can comment more knowledgeably on this.