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03 Hyundai Elantra Manual transmission Slipping

I have a 5 speed manual 03 Elantra with just over 100k miles. I bought it used, certified with all systems checked and maintained from the dealer ship 2.5 yrs ago with 55k miles on it. For the past few months, say 6k miles, I have noticed that sometimes when I accelerate, my RPMs are revving, but I am not gaining any speed. Eventually, the speed catches up and I can progress up thru the gears correctly. This seems to happen more when the engine is cold, in lower gears, or when I am driving city. On the open road or in the higher gears it rarely happens. Now, I am good at oil changes. I havent had any of the other systems/fluids changed in the car while I have owned it. Would getting the transmission fluid/fuel injectors cleaned help this? Or am i looking at a guaranteed transmission/clutch issue?

You need a clutch, the only thing this has to do with the transmission is that the drive axles and transmission need to be removed to replace the clutch, so make sure the job is done right while you are in there. Resurface the flywheel. replace the throwout bearing and if it has a hydraulically operated clutch I would think about replacing the slave cylinder with a new one (not a rebuilt)and the hose that goes to it.

What you describe is a slipping clutch. The transmission and the engine are not the problem.

The only thing that will fix it is a new clutch.

Agreed. Clutches slip…transmissions do not. Rpm that races during acceleration is the classic symptom of a bad clutch.

I agree with the others, it’s a slipping clutch. This is a wear item on any car with a stick shift. Over 100K miles is not bad for a clutch. Some people get more, but if you do a lot of city/town driving it will be harder on the clutch. Driving technique also affects clutch life.

Get it fixed, it’s not a big deal.

Thanks everyone! 4 out of 4 in agreement has to be sound advice. I live in central NJ.Any comments on what to expect price wise? Also, should I mom and pop it or go to my dealership? I do NOT currently have a relationship with a shop I trust.

Make this a 5th response with the same opinion.
While automatic transmissions can slip, a manual transmission will not slip.
This is sure to be a clutch problem.

As to a mechanic, DO NOT go to Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, Pep Boys, AAMCO, or any other chain operation. The dealership should be very familiar with your car model, but they will charge top dollar. To find a good independent mechanic in your area, use the Mechanics Files on this site by going to: