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2013 Honda Accord beeping noise

When I shut my car off the beeping noise that tells you your headlights are on would make a sound whenever I open the door. The problem is…my headlights are turned to off.
Why does the sound cut on when I open the door and my headlights are on the off

Is there anything in your user’s manual?

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I’ll take a look

My wild guess is that the headlight switch is failing/shorted. It’s apparently telling the car the lights are on.

My truck gives warning beeps when lights are on OR the key is in the ignition. My key has that symptom, with beeps even if the key is out. I can jiggle the switch and it stops.

The warning tone is used for a number reasons. Since you need to press the start/stop button twice to stop the engine I suspect there is a problem with the gear shift lever not fully engaging into park. Check if the shift lever position in the instrument cluster shows the position correctly.