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Alarm for headlights and keys

I have the 2003 Honda CRV. My car does not warn me if my headlights are left on when I open the door. I have run my battery down so many times I have lost count. The alarm doesn’t work for leaving keys in the ignition, either. What could the be the problem?

Wouldn’t your eyes provide you with enough information to know that you left your lights on?

Apparently that does not work for some people, strangely enough.

Usually, these alarms are tied to the driver’s door being open. Maybe the switch that tells it the door has opened has failed? Or maybe the beeper itself has failed.
You can get a cheap aftermarket headlights left on alarm at most auto parts stores. They are easy to install. That may be your best solution.

Yes, but not during the day. I turn my lights on when in rains and sometimes leave them on. It is frustrating because this alarm works for several weeks and then it will turn off. Then it will come on again.