2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 won’t shift

i cant shift gear from drive to park , gear liver moving but gear not shifting

The liver is the problem, but what do I know…I love liver sand onions.

Because the lever is moving, I presume that the shift cable…either at the shift lever, or the transmission has broken…odd for only being 5 years old.

If it is the cable, the shifter most likely moves much freer that it did before.

If I remember right…the end of the cable…at the transmission, is attached to the transmission shift arm by a ball and socket that snaps together. This joint is much like the socket on a lift gate prop. It may have been knocked off by some road hazard that you did not see. If it is off, it may just snap back on.


Yosemite is correct- check the shift linkage at the transmission.

I recently had this bushing break on a 2010 Chevy. On mine, Chevy didn’t sell just the bushing, so I found it online for $13 or so bucks. Chevy wanted to sell me a shift cable.

A good friend had a truck …don’t remember the make…that the little ball on the shifter arm at the tranny broke off. I removed the arm from the shaft and took it to mt shop. I drilled out the old broken shaft and installed a ball stud that they use for lid supports, then peened the shaft over as if it were a rivet.

They still use that truck 10 years later…without ever replacing that arm.

The dealer wanted around $40 for the part.


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Amazing bit if improvisation !