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Chevy Silverado Shift Cable Slips Off

2001 Chevy Silverado. I changed the shift cable and on occasion the end which connects to the shifter of the transmission slips off. The instructions said it should “click” into place, but it doesn’t. Any suggestions to make it stay?

Was this a new cable? I believe this is the ball & socket type connection. The socket is on the cable and the ball is on the shifter linkage. If the cable is new then the socket is damaged or the ball is worn out. It should make a good “snap” or “click” if both ends are good.

It was a new cable ($175 worth of new cable!) The connection is that the end of the cable has a hole in the center. The ball is on the linkage. The cable fits fine, it just doesn’t stay there. Should I consider a new linkage connector?

Yes. A new ball connector should do the trick.