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2017 Silverado 1500 - is the jerky shifting normal?

Is the shifting up and down normally jerky or is it me. I have a 5.3 litre engine with 8 gear trans.

Robert , did you just start having this problem ? Did you just acquire this vehicle ? Is it still under warranty ? Also have you had it looked at because you may have a problem ?

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Chevy trucks have a 5 year, 60K mile powertrain warranty. Use it. Visit your dealer.

Expect to pay a diagnostic fee but if something is wrong, that small diagnostic fee will seem VERY small compared to the repair cost that Chevy will pick up.

Does this sound like you ?

There may be a computer “flash” or update available at the dealership that changes the trans shift strategy. Sometimes they alter the shift strategy if they receive complaints on a newer design transmission like that 8 speed.