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Is my transmission doomed?

So, I have an 03 chevy silverado. Just out of the blue it started having trouble shifting. It takes it a couple seconds to get moving from a complete stop… Like, I could be pressing the gas normally and the engine just revs and revs until it finally takes off. It shifts a little hard and sometimes when it does shift the whole truck shakes. Transmission fluid is fine, I’ve checked that. Does anyone have any ideas on what it could be besides the transmission going out or am I just screwed? :frowning:

Apparently there is a problem with the sun gears(sunshell) in those transmissions.The splines are made of soft metal that can get chewed up with time.

It sounds like the transmission may need to be replaced. How many miles on your truck?

And “just screwed” is relative. It is a 15 year old truck but rebuilt transmissions for these truck only cost about $1100. Removal and re-install is about the same so for less than $2500 you are back on the road.

Have you ever had the trans filter changed if applicable? A pan drop and fuid and filter change might do the trick.

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It definitely sounds like a transmission problem of some kind or another. Barky’s idea for a proper service (pan drop/filter/new fluid) is where I’d start. If that doesn’t do the trick head to the best transmission shop in town (ask your regular mechanic who that is) and get an assessment. Could be something relatively simple like a solenoid needing replacing in the valve body, or a shift linkage problem , but I expect if the routine trans service doesn’t work, you’re looking at a rebuild or replacement transmission.

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At 15 years, the transmission might be acting up and possibly needing a good repair. Shift linkage sounds one of the main issues there.