Broken Gear Lever

When I moved the gear lever from Park to Drive (or any other gear), it just slid into the gears. It didn’t engage, and the car wouldn’t move. Some linkage must have broken. Anyone know exactly what, and how much this might cost to fix? Thanks

Did this happen instantly one day or slowly get worse over time? If it slowly got worse over time checking the transmission fluid level and filling if needed could solve the problem.

Actually, it was hard to get into drive or reverse, and I had to jiggle/force it a little. Then it was okay for a while. Then today, boom, it just slid up and down from park. So it was sudden, I’d say.

Without knowing what you’re driving it’s hard to be specific, but I agree with you; it sounds like the shift linkage has broken or become disconnected.

Some cars have a mechanical linkage, but I think most use cables these days.

Have it towed to your mechanic, who can make a more accurate diagnosis. No one can give you a cost estimate until the exact nature of the problem has been determined.

Good luck.

Is the shifter on the steering column or console? What car and year?

A buddy of mine had this happen to him…it was a firebird or something similar. The mount for the linkage was falling away from the transmission. All I did was find a couple bolts, use some thread lock, and put it back. Took all of about 10 minutes, and 2 bolts. I’m not saying this is your problem, but it’s possible. As waterboy said, year make and model would help. Engine could make a difference, too.