2013 Buick Enclave: doors don’t auto-unlock anymore

Normally the doors unlock when transmission car is placed in PARK position but this has stopped working. One has to punch the unlock button on driver’s door to unlock doors now, which is just an inconvenience. Is there a simple and inexpensive fix for this condition?

You should be able to adjust the vehicle settings. I think on your car there are 4 buttons near the radio that control the instrument panel which will allow you to cycle through the menus to make the adjustment.


If you can’t figure the settings out, take the car to a dealership. They’ll know how, probably set it the way you want gratis. I have a friend who had this exact problem recently (different make), and that’s how they solved it. Actually they had the reverse problem, they wanted it like yours is now. Same idea though.

Get out your Owners Manual. If you don’t have it, here’s a link:

Look at page 5-37 and the next few pages.