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Car unlocks and locks

My car locks and unlocks itself when i stop, is this something i should be concerned with or is it just an annoyance i can forget about the car is cheap so not wanting to spend alot of money on it

Depending on model and year… Would depend on what to go after… Some cars lock the doors as soon as you move from Park to Drive…others wait until you reach a certain speed

A quick n dirty experiment might be to remove the remote from your keys and leave it at your house…see if it still does this. Also…have you lost any remote fobs at all? Maybe one is in the car…or maybe the cars systems are getting wonky. Bad central lock switch or lock module connection.

Also its worth noting that if there was ever an aftermarket system installed in this vehicle…I would be looking directly at that module…if there ever was one… perhaps not…but worth noting.

Depends on make and year…we are in the dark on both at the moment.


You can also check in your manual what the settings are for your door locks. Many cars allow you to change the default settings of when, and if, your car locks and unlocks itself.

Year? Make? Model?
There are (were) cars out there that automatically locked when you put them in drive and unlocked when you put them in park. I don’t think any manufacturer does this anymore, because it makes saving life difficult for first responders.

The 03 Passat locked all doors once your speed was over 5 MPH.

If this unknown vehicle operates the door locks as it should why would that be an annoyance ? The ones we have now lock at a certain speed and I liked the one we had that locked when placed in gear.

Maybe the OP should do a little research and see that locked doors improve your chances in a crash.

If you determine it isn’t designed to do that, then the first thing I’d do is make sure the battery is good and that the connections to it are clean and tight.

I’ve experienced this more than once. If the doors lock and unlock every so often on the way down the road, it could be a poor connection at the battery or a battery about to fail or not charging properly.


In the early nineties this was not an unusual complaint. It is often caused by a misadjusted door ajar switch that sends a door ajar signal as the body flexes. If a door is opened while the vehicle is moving the body computer will relock the doors each time that malfunctioning door is closed. The doors aren’t unlocking, the sound of the doors locking repeatedly gives the impression that the locks are cycling.

Thats a good point @Nevada_545 …which leads me to think about how some vehicles use the inner door latch as the method of knowing if the door is fully closed or not. Pin switches dont seem that common anymore. My VW uses the latch method so Im familiar with those nowadays…when they go bad you have to replace the door locking latch because it has sensors inside it. Make things more expensive for sure…esp when the latch works fine…and the sensor is what fails.


My Kia’s doors lock at 15mph. When I park and shut down the engine they remain locked until I remove the key. Doors can be unlocked at anytime by pushing the master switch. “My car locks and unlocks itself when i stop”. OP seems to be describing something similar to what my car does as designed.